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The truth about sugar

Here’s a 20 minute training that will help you clear up some confusion about sugar.

To crazy fad diet pushers: Do you even history?

It frustrates the heck out of me for these fake experts to claim that all sugar is evil. They haven’t even looked at the history of human eating, at all. Any passing glance will teach you a few things.

  1. People used to eat, in terms of percentage of overall diet, MORE sugar back in the day. Check out these people in NYC in 4k from 110 years ago – zero obesity/overweight – plenty of sugar in the diet.

2. There’s a big difference in the amount of fats in vegetable oil form being consumed, and grains – see the photo below.

3. Girls who are 13 or 14 are being given oestrogen. Oestrogen is a growth hormone, that is officially classified by WHO as a carcinogen. It also totally causes fat gain. Think about these male bodybuilders who literally grow hips and boobs because they’ve abused hormones, and their oestrogen shoots up as a result.

4. 100 years ago companies weren’t putting industrial fillers in our food – corn starch, HFCS, weird oils, sugar alcohols – we’re being poisoned.

Seriously team, we need to open our eyes. Lets start to think for ourselves on this.

No one in The Way Up is saying eat sugary junk food. That would be insane. What I’m saying is to eat food that supports your body’s energetic, powerful best.

If you don’t know how to do that, get up and learn – we’re teaching everyone in the Way Up.

Wake up to the fact that companies and social media influencers have no problem poisoning your body and mind with total rubbish.

Who ever heard of a keto diet back in 1911? No one. Because they weren’t fat, or dying in droves of social diseases in the way that we are.


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