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High Protein Collagen


In conjunction with a diet rich in energy, vitamins and minerals, this collagen will help to restore and repair muscle, skin, hair, bone, connective tissue, digestion and metabolism.

How To Use It

The Way Up Collagen will easily dissolve in your coffee, tea, juice or smoothie and is completely flavourless and odourless.

Where Is It From?

Our premium collagen is 100% mindfully sourced from Australia, mostly from the Darling Downs area, southern QLD and Northern NSW.

We make it, package it and ship it in Brisbane and we’re 100% Australian owned.

High Protein Collagen

03. Regenerative Recipes

Hamburger Soup

Have you spent your entire life dieting? Confused about what to eat? Many women...

Collagen Choc Chip Banana Ice Cream

When you need a frosty treat, there's nothing guilty about this dessert. It's packed...

Leftover Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a chameleon. When you add simple ingredients and aromatic spices to...

Sourdough French Toast

Protein pancakes are a thing, so why not protein French Toast? Just add a...

Liver Pâté: nature’s multivitamin for radiant skin

Save your money on supplements. See food and life as your first option. Bad...

Sweet Potato Spice Pancake

Give your typical roasted sweet potatoes a run for their money with these easy-to-prep pancakes...

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Our mission is to lift the fog of restrictive dieting and embracing the belief that every woman can rebuild her metabolism, function, body and lifestyle: at any age.