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Nuts & Seeds: Avoid PUFAs in your diet

Context with nutrition is really important.

“Is this banana healthy” isn’t the right question.

The right question is “how does this banana fit with what I’ve already eaten today, and what are my requirements today?”

The 3 big “no’s” we have in our Way Up program at the start, are vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.

Do I think that nut’s and seed’s are the devils work?
And here’s the context as far as you’re concerned: nuts and seeds will blunt your results in terms of helping your metabolism, thyroid and body “bounce back.”
We’re trying to kick start your body again, so we’ve got to use some gold class strategy.
So what’s the real problem with nuts and seeds? It’s vegetable oil.
Vegetable oil is in everything, and we were all brought up on it. It’s marketed as healthy, but couldn’t be any worse for you. Vegetable oil causes inflammation and will down-regulate your metabolism.

All vegetable oils are rancid.

A fact the vegetable oil companies try to keep from you by sheer virtue that part of the manufacture process is that they “deodorise” the oils as the final step, so you can’t smell that they’re rancid.

What’s another word for rancid? Oxidised. Another word for oxidised? Rusted.

Once consumed, where do these rusted fats go? You store them, make cell membranes from them, and use them for hormone production (plus you’ll use them for energy – nothing is ALL bad).

The worst thing?

They can stay in your tissues for up to 4 years. It just so happens, that most nuts and all seeds are made predominantly from the same kind of fat as vegetable oil: poly unsaturated fat or PUFA.

So, through little fault of their own, nuts and seeds will likely contribute to this industrial oil mess. And what have you been eating plenty of to help you lose weight?

If you’re anything like I used to be before I studied regenerative nutrition: yeah, lots of nuts and seeds.

One of your first and most important behaviour changes, is taking these oils, nuts and seeds out – and putting butter, coconut oil and fruit back in.

All in all, I think that’s a rather agreeable trade.


Attention women looking to restore metabolism, ditch yo-yo diets, bloating & bingeing.

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