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How to turn off sugar cravings like a tap without supplements or weird diets (ignore at your peril!)

Your body does what you repeatedly tell it to do.

If you follow a low calorie diet, it will invariably lose weight. Great!

Unfortunately, if the film iRobot has taught as anything, it’s that sometimes there can be unintended downstream consequences.

When you restrict the energy that is available to your body, you’ll lose weight, and also you will down-regulate your metabolism. A reduced metabolism means a reduced ability to produce energy. It also means an increased reliance on stress hormones — who’s job it is to melt down your own body for energy if there isn’t enough food around to power things.

A negative feedback loop develops, and before long, you’re exhausted, your body isn’t changing, you put on weight as soon as you look at food…

And you will be craving sugar, or more precisely, energy.

All of a sudden, you’re a heck of a long way from where you planned on being, even though you’ve done all that hard work of barely eating.

In this short vlog, I’ll show you how to turn off sugar cravings like a tap, whilst eating foods that support a powerful metabolism and vibrant body.


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  1. Romy

    Damn good content 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 So glad I found The Way Up!!

  2. Anna

    Totally agree – I’ve failed so many time but for the first time in I don’t know how long I have no bloating, feeling uncomfortable or sugar cravings – thank you!

  3. Laeticia

    This is SO incredibly powerful. Balancing my blood sugar means I haven’t ONCE had a big binge like I did before. Literally. Like, in 6 weeks I haven’t had a massive binge, which was nearly 3-4 times a week before…

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