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How to Eat More, Train Less & Still Lose Fat

When people say overweight and obesity is “just calories in vs. calories out” — they’re right, partially.

The problem, however, is far more complex than just this singular analysis. You’re unlikely to find a single solution to such a complex problem.

Cutting sugar out are you?

You’ll end up craving it, and binging on junk food.

No carbs ever?

What about that birthday party, or trip to France? Sure you want to do France carb free?

Human bodies at their best use lots of energy, are warm, function properly, aren’t stressed, sleep well, digest well, and are “anti-fragile.”

This short vlog will teach some of the underlying mechanisms behind how my clients are able to eat more, train less and still lose fat.

If you’re exhausted, yo-yo dieting, and you’d like a fresh take on nutrition, you’ll love this training.


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  1. Kathyrn

    Best thing I ever did with joining you guys…best journey..best results…best food I’ve eaten in a long long time..fittest I’ve felt in ages..strongest I’ve been in ages …and the best I’ve felt in energy and myself..in ages!!! Thank you!!

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